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Our Mission

GRANDMAMA'S HOUSE (GMH Ministries, Inc.) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping low-income seniors remain in their homes so they can age in place with dignity.


About GMH

Grandmama's House was created by seniors for seniors to ensure that seniors in Southwest Atlanta could age in place with dignity and pass on generational wealth. It was founded by Charnette Trimble (far left) in 2018. Prior to launching GMH, Charnette worked in the healthcare industry for over five years and holds a BA in Finance from Georgia State University.  Black Entrepreneur Experience Podcast:


The Problem

Seniors 55 and older are being displaced at an alarming rate in Southwest Atlanta because they either do not have the money or lack the knowledge of resources available to help them maintain their homes. This makes them especially vulnerable to aggressive code enforcement and predatory real estate investors. These and other unfair tactics are the leading causes of neighborhood destabilization, generational wealth interruption, and blight in underserved communities.


The Solution

Grandmama's House uses workshops based on our Four Pillars of Success to educate seniors about the basics of homeownership and passing on generational wealth. In addition, we connect those seniors to programs and services that will help them overcome difficult challenges such as home disrepair, rising property taxes, and unclear titles. Once they complete the entire process, they become Empowered Homeowners able to withstand the mounting pressures of gentrification.

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