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Our programs are designed to provide a level of comfort to families, beginning with a thorough evaluation to identify our client’s financial and legal conditions for home repair.


We provide coaching and technical assistance to seniors to overcome any obstacles they may encounter during the qualification process for governmental repair programs and adjunct resources. We can also refer clients to Elder Law Attorneys and estate planning professionals, who can assist with trusts, wills, or any beneficiary designation coordination decisions.


By personalizing all services to the individual needs for each of our clients, seniors will have the tools to empower themselves to remain independent in their own home.

Safer homes

Besides helping seniors get critical repairs done to their homes, our goal is to create a home environment that is not only easier to live, but also safer. Potential home modifications include, but not limited to:

  • Handicap ramps

  • Widened doorways

  • No-step entryways

  • Walk-in tubs

  • Shower seating

  • Handrails

  • Grab bars

  • Faucets

  • Doorknobs with levers



Events + Workshops

Class 1(to be determined)
1 hr
Event 1(to be determined)
2 hr
You can make an one-on-one appointment with Ms. Charnette Trimble in regards to your applications or obstacles you may encounter during the entire qualification process.
One-on-one Appointment
1 hr
Toolkit Holders Only


  • Learn How to Lower Your Property Taxes
    Clarkston Woman's Club
  • Learn How to Lower Your Property Taxes
    Outdoor Activity Center
  • FREE Age in Place with Dignity 2-Day Workshop (Senior Citizen Homeowner-Occupied ONLY)
    Center for Civic Innovation
  • 18th Annual Focus Upon Senior Services (F.U.S.S.)
    Drew Charter School Elementary Academy
  • 2nd Annual Parent Empowerment Fair
    Gideons Elementary School
  • Age in Place with Dignity 2-Day Workshop (Senior Citizen Owner-Occupied Homeowners Only)
    Center for Civic Innovation
  • Homeowner's Educational Seminar
    Outdoor Activity Center

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